How to Stencil a Feature Wall Using a Wall Stencil by Cutting Edge Stencils. DIY accent wall decor.

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9 Ways To Give Your Walls Life

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Wallpapering Tips | How to wallpaper your feature wall the easy way | 2018

Feature wall - How to wallpaper tutorial In this video i will show you how to wallpaper a feature wall to get the perfect balance with the pattern Wallpaper available from- International performance symbols- Click here to watch the first video in the series - Visit the Lucas Teamstore for Protools, surface treatments, apparel and merchandise - Visit my website for more home improvement videos - Follow Barry on Twitter - Follow Barry on Instagram - Like my page Join our FB Group - Proud of what you've have painted A strictly supportive worldwide group dedicated in turning your house into a beautiful home. Open to painters and decorators to share innovation and showcase their work, DIYers who have a passion for home improvements, and a place to support newcomers/apprentices to this wonderful trade. Feature wall - How to wallpaper tutorial

DIY Tyre Coffee Table / Popsicle Stick Vase / LIVING ROOM MAKEOVER / Shopping Vlog

Hi All, Just a simple makeover given to our Living Room adding some DIY Crafts with tyre and popsicle sticks. We live in a rented apartment but that never stops me in making a home beautiful where my family live in. Just some simple changes and along with hat some shopping too. Hope you like it. ================================ Check out the links below if you need some of the items I have used in this video so that you too could try out and make your home lovely: POPSICLE STICKS: 1. MANVI Colourful Wooden Ice Cream Sticks Popsicle Sticks & Spoon : 200 Pcs PacK - ₹194.00 2. Asian Hobby Crafts Coloured Wooden Ice Cream Sticks (100 Pieces) – Rs. 135.00 3. CraftDev Plain Wooden Ice Cream Sticks Popsicle Sticks & Spoon : Approx 240 Pcs (Plain) – Rs. 192.00 ============================= GLUE GUN & GLUE STICKS 1. Billionbag Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit 40 Watt, Decorations & Furniture Quick Repairs,Black (10 Hot Glue Gun Sticks Included) - ₹179.00 2. GLUN20W 20WATT Mini RED 7 MM HOT MELT Glue Gun with 5 Sticks (RED, 5) by Glun - ₹199.00 3. Generic 40 Watt Hot Melt Glue Gun with 5 Pieces Glue Sticks Free – Rs 220.00 4. Kobra Vidisha Chocoes and Krafts 40W Glue Gun with 15 Adhesive Sticks by Genric - ₹276.00 5. GLUE STICK alone Generic Hot Melt Clear Glue Sticks, 8-inch x 0.43 inch, 25 Pieces – Rs. 214.00 =========================== ROPE for wrapping tyre : 1. Apollo Rope (90 Feet) One Coil (Red, 10 mm) - ₹650.00 2. Gipfel Vajra 10mm Low Stretch Static Rope (Minimum 5 Meters) – Rs. 450 3. AADARSH Dark Blue Rope 10 mm ==================================== L BRACKET FOR HANGING - 1. 1 Pair (2 PCS) Aurora L Wall Bracket (White) 125MM X 100 MM (5" X 4") by AURORA - ₹180.00 2. 1 Pair (2 PCS) Aurora L Reinforced Heavy Duty Wall Bracket (White) 150MM X 120 MM (6" X 5") by AURORA - ₹275.00 3. Wall Decorative Iron Bracket - Set of 2 – Rs. 570 =========================== PLANT FOR HANGING : 1. Plants & Pots Hoya plants with Hanging Pot by Plants & Pots - ₹217.00 2. Kolkata Orchid Online HOYA Live Plant, Best for Indoor Hanging Plant + POT - ₹399.00 3. myBageecha Hoya Carnosa Hanging Indoor Outdoor Live Plant with Pot (MYBAG-HCAR) - ₹425.00 4. Minerva Naturals Hanging Planter With Metal Chain And Base Plate (Green, 3 Qty) - ₹399.00 ==================================== My Drilling Bit from BOSCH - OTHER Drilling bit links - TYRE link - PLACEMAT - The Home Talk Round Braided Jute Placemats (35cm, Natural Beige)-Set of 2 - ₹399.00 COLORFUL PEBBLES - Adhiran Multi-color Home, Garden and Aquarium Decor pebbles - ₹149.00 WALL PAINTING - PRINTELLIGENT Down The Park Leonid Afremov Pallete Knife Art Unframed Canvas Painting (Multicolour, 12x18 Inches) - ₹299.00 WALL CLOCK - E-DEAL Attractive Look Floral Design Analog Wall Clock-EDWALCLK07 - ₹669.00 ==================================================== MyMart Riyadh location : If ur coming from malaz , take exit 30, go left, u will find lulu khurais on right side. Go straight, u will get Romansia signal, go straight from the signal. Then you will find Al Raji signal, go straight again, after around 1/2 km, on right side u will find the shop ===================== Facebook Page - Instagram – Email – ================================================== DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored or paid video. Everything used or purchased here is of my personal choice. Affiliate links included

How To Transfer Images onto Canvas Arts & Crafts Tutorial

Things to gather: Modge Podge (matte finish): or Modge Podge (gloss finish): Sponge Roller: Canvas: Foam Paint Brush: Craft Scissors: You can use any image you like. For this demonstration I used 'The Seven Deadly Sins' by Chris Price, taken from Harper's Bazaar 'The Big Red Book'. Directions 1. Take the image to the photocopier and scan it. If it has writings, flip it over. 2. Take the Modge Podge and pour it onto the canvas by covering all of it. Use a brush to make it even. 3. Take the image and place it on to the canvas, make sure to even up the sides and leave no wrinkles. 4. Take the roller and roll the image so that it fits perfectly on to the canvas, make sure that there is no glue onto the paper top. 5. Get rid of any glue stains that have pushed out on the sides of canvas. 6. Leave the canvas with image to dry out for 24 hours. 7. After the 24 hours, get a sponge, soak it in water and make the top layer of paper wet. You will start to see the image below. 8. Turn the canvas vertically and rub the paper side of canvas gently with your fingers, so the paper comes off slowly. 9. Keep on rubbing down the paper. If needed, add more water so that it comes off easier. 10. When you have cleared the image, you are finished. Good job! If you enjoy my channel, please consider supporting me on Patreon: Patreon supporters get exclusive preview access to unreleased episodes, and can watch my 5 hour long Masterclass Floristry series - not available anywhere else. Follow me on: Facebook: Instagram: Go to for more! For Business enquiries email
Learn how to stencil an accent wall using Cutting Edge Stencils "Casablanca" stencil. With simple wall stencils decorating is fun, inexpensive and easy! Professional decorative artists Janna Makaeva and Greg Swisher show how to use an interlocking wall stencil, teach a simple stenciling technique and give expert stenciling tips and design ideas. Reusable stencils help the DIY decorator to redo a room on a budget with unlimited color choices. Stencils are a great alternative to wallpaper and wall decals, they make decorating easy, affordable and fun!
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