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Prabhudeva's Home Transformation

The mesmerizing makeover of Prabhudeva's new home with ultra chic decor ideas and combination of pastel colors will surely make you look through! Check out some amazing pictures of Prabhudeva !

3 BHK Interiors of Mr. Ramesh | Sobha City | Bangalore

A walk through of another Sobha City home designed by Bonito! #foyer- As we enter the home we can see a simple foyer with an eye-catching mirror replicating the sun. #livingArea - so as we can see here the color theme of the house is green and white as Mr Ramesh is a nature loving person. As you know white is the symbol of purity and green resembles nature this color combination reflects his personality and there you see that amazing wall painting, but before that hey let's take a look at the TV unit. Have we given it white in colour to merge it with the wall base colour. The big window beside it gives so much light into the room as white reflects light.We should not fail to notice the beautiful strip light under the glass ledges, it adds to the beauty of the TV unit. #Falseceiling - Let's check out the false ceiling done in this house.So the designer has used squares of different sizes, green and white ..joining and arranging them such that the design element flows throughout the house. the spot lights run all along it.We have provided chandelier for extra lighting during special occasions. #Dining area- The placement of the dining area has been placed such that it gets all the natural light and also easily accessible from the kitchen.The dining table is of the garden theme to make them more relaxed and happy. the chandelier adds a little more light to the event #kitchen- The kitchen is simple with white and green colour with all the top and bottom cabinets white in colour making it look more spacious and elegant and lit. #puja unit - Here is our puja unit.This is made of CNC board. Check out the cool cut out on it. So it has a frosted glass for a neat look. #Kid's bedroom - Here is the cool niches we have provided in the kids bedroom...the theme of the room is yellow and white.. the wardrobe has CNC cut board and the yellow board in the background makes the room look more brighter. and sophisticated at the same time. #MasterBedroom- Here is the master bedroom we have designed for Mr Ramesh. here the designer has used mirrors all over the wardrobe to make the room look more spacious and elegant. #Guest bedroom - so this the guest bedroom. here we have provided glass on the wardrobe to make the room look larger and the wallpaper to add a mild colour to it. Project Details: Client Name : Ramesh & shilpa Ramesh Apartment Name : Sobha City size : 1750 sqft/ 3 BHK Project Cost : 14 Lakhs Includes : Modular/ furnishing/ decor Designer : Yogesh Project Manager : Raghu Host : Sowmya Shot & Edit : Sagar Shankaranarayanan For latest project updates, subscribe to our channel and reach us @+919019598877 to get trendy modular interiors.

The Elegant house of Mr. Sathya Prakash Nair By Bonito Designs

Own home is everybody's dream. How do you plan the space inside the home is very crucial for you. Here we are with another beautiful home designed by Bonito Designs! Video Credits: Client Name : Sathyaprakash, Lekha Nair Apartment Nam : MN Orchid size : 1950 Sqft/ 3 BHK Project Value : 25 L Designer : Vinyas Design Engineer : Arpita Raj Project Manager : Raghu Host : Sowmya Shot & Edit : Sagar Shankaranarayanan

11 VERSATILE FURNITURE INNOVATIONS | The Anatomy of Savvy Furniture Design

Multifunctional furniture design is essential when looking to save space or if just prefer more elbow room. These 11 furniture designs are a perfect example of the savvy ways designers solve these space-saving problems. Aukey Modern Computer Desk (L Shaped) 👉 *COUPON CODE for The Aukey Desk* ⭐ 70% OFF code A2LAK7Q4EVJBD5 🚩Available on Amazon 🚩 *Playlists!* 👈 *Connect* 💡 *Subscribe!* 📽 *Explore* 🌎 Featured Furniture Design ⭐ #11 Vox Movable Walls #10 Ivation EZ-Bed Air Mattress 🛒 #9 Coupe Sofa Transformer #8 The EverBlock System Giant blocks #7 New York DIY loft T15 Kit #6 Parisot Furniture - SPACE UP BED #5 pop-up kitchen PIA by Dizzconcept #4 CRISTALLO EXPANDING Coffee #3 The new inflatable Zen Float Tank #2 Kure Family Dining Table #1 Floating Bed and PC Combo Social Media 👈 *Instagram* *Twitter* *Tumblr* *Pinterest* *Facebook* *Reddit* *Google+* Licensed Music 🎧 Somewhere Behind by Even More Five Spiral by Ian Post 11 Versatile Furniture Innovations The Anatomy of Savvy Furniture Design #mindseyevideo #furniture #spacesaving #design

10 Bedroom Luxury Apartment in Hiranandani Basilius, Mumbai | Interior Design

A walk-through of this 10 BHK Luxury Apartment in Hiranandani Basilius, Thane. The voluminous living room of the 7300 sq.ft. of the apartment has been separated into four sections namely the formal living area, informal living area, entrance lobby and dining. Each of the areas is distinct in character, driven by their respective functionality. In this huge palette, we experimented with various styles, with the major influence being Mid-century Modern. Clean lines, warm wooden tones along with the substantial use of vibrant colour strewn across the elongated formal living area. The informal area has a strong Asian influence and transgresses into the adjacent room that's been converted into one of the private offices. A customised fabric ceiling runs through this area into the formal area. With subtlety, we have transitioned spaces in this huge living room. All the six bedrooms have been tastefully done, each bedroom has a definite, exquisite and signature style - from the master bedroom which has been designed around a Semi-classical theme, to the other bedroom which has been done in a very contemporary way. Log on to for more info

Beautiful designer lights, cute artifacts, Attached crockery and Bar unit!

Project Details:

Client's Name : Mr.Guruprasad
Apartment Name : DS max sandalwood
size : 1435 sqft/ 3 BHK
Project Cost : 26 Lakhs
Includes : Modular/ furnishing/ decor
Designer : Vinyas
Project Manager : Raghu
Host : Sowmya
Shot & Edit : Sagar Shankaranarayanan

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