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Asian paints Royal play combing | interior design |

Royal play wall paint - combing | interior design | Asian paints


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Most owners of apartments and houses at the time of repair choose their wallpaper. And this is not surprising, because to cover the walls with wallpapers is one of the simplest solutions that combines with diversity and beauty. Fashion changes almost every year, which means that the fashionable wallpaper design in 2018 has also changed. Below you can find out which wallpapers became popular in 2018, and also see a few photos.
What wallpapers are in fashion?
In order to understand what kind of wallpaper is considered fashionable in 2018, it is worth considering the latest trends of this time.

What, first of all, need to pay attention when choosing wallpaper in 2018? Now the site presents the main main trends that are considered popular at the moment:

Fashion still does not go out of fashion one-color coloring. And for each room the color of the wallpaper can be different. For example, for small rooms, it is best to use wallpaper of lighter shades, for rooms you can choose more wallpapers brighter.

You can combine wallpaper in different colors. Monochrome canvases of different colors will allow you to visually divide the room into several zones, as well as give some expression.

In addition to monophonic wallpaper, fashionable are also wallpapers with various prints. This solution can give the room an originality and freshness.

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that wallpaper with a wide canvas is gaining popularity. And this is a very convenient solution, because there are fewer joints on such wallpapers. The larger the width of the wallpaper, the better.

Fashionable materials for wallpaper.
As a rule, wallpaper is made of a wide variety of materials. Thanks to this, any owner can choose wallpaper for wallpaper based on quality and price. Once the most fashionable canvases were considered paper, but now they have long ago come to the fore. They are replaced by the following materials:

Vinyl wallpapers have proven themselves on the best side due to their strength. Of course, this material is more expensive than ordinary paper, but its service life is more than other conventional paper wallpapers. In addition, vinyl wallpaper can be processed by various cleaning agents.

Another material, distinguished by its strength - is non-woven. The wallpaper from this material can be sold not only with the finished pattern, but also under the tint. Plus such wallpapers is that he has nothing to do with what he does.

Increasingly popular in 2018 is gaining so-called liquid wallpaper. Glue these wallpapers more like painting the walls, which allows you not to leave stitches on the wall.
Textile wallpaper is still relevant in 2018. However, these wallpapers have one big disadvantage - they can not be subjected to wet cleaning.

How fashionable to paste wallpaper?
In order to buy an apartment, apartment, apartment, apartment, apartment. It is also important to observe several rules for their gluing. Surely many wondered how beautifully to paste a teenager's wallpaper in the room, or how to increase the space of the living room with wallpaper? Experts identify three basic rules for wallpapering:

If the room has uneven walls, it is best to choose wallpaper from dense materials. For example, non-woven wallpaper will well hide all the flaws in the walls.
To increase the height of the ceiling, you must choose wallpaper with vertical stripes. And to visually increase the space of the room, you should use wallpaper with small prints and patterns.
In order for space, on the contrary, to make less, it is necessary to select wallpaper warmer shades.

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