Corey Deuel - Ep 5 - Chalk on the Head Drill - Pool Tips - Billiard Training

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Corey Deuel - Ep 6 - Pre-Match Routine Get in Stroke Drill - Pool Tips - Billiards Training

We all want to do well on the pool table. What does "Get in Stroke" really mean? Why is it important? Also, what's all the fuss about a consistent pre-match routine? Does it really help you get in the flow on league night or in a pool tournament? Listen to Corey Deuel, 2018 Mosconi Cup Champion, as he explains a very simple drill to do before a match to help you in "Get in Stroke" in another installment of the "Corey Deuel Teaches" Billiards Training series. Not an APA member yet? Interested in other billiard training series? Of course you are! Dr. Cue Billiard Training here: Terry Bell's Master Class is here: Lee Brett's Billiards Training is here: And, of course, Jeanette Lee's Billiards Instructional Series is here:

Corey Deuel - Ep 7 - Center Ball Reflection Drill

Listen to Corey Deuel as he explains a very simple drill to do before a match to help you find and hit Center ball when you need to! Not an APA member yet?

Corey Deuel - Ep 8 - Breaking - Pool Tips - Billiard Training

Listen to Corey Deuel as he talks about the different kinds of breaks in pool and when to use them! Visit to join the APA! Not a member yet?

Top 10 Pool Shots Amateurs Play Wrong … and How to Play Them Right

Dr. Dave demonstrates shots amateurs play wrong along with how to play them right. If you want to improve your game, it is important to understand and master the following principles and shots included in this video: 1.) Don’t Scratch 2.) Make Pockets Play Bigger 3.) Use the Rails as Brakes 4.) Master the Table Center 5.) Control Rail Cut Shots 6.) Avoid Banks Unless Very Easy 7.) Elevate Smartly 8.) Break Out Smartly 9.) Don’t Dribble the Rail 10.) Detect and Avoid Double Hits This video is part of the following Top 10 Series: Top 10 Pool Shots Every Player Must Know!!! Top 10 Things Pool Players Do Wrong Top 10 Pool Shots Amateurs Play Wrong Top 10 Pool Strategy Errors Amateurs Make For more information and demonstrations, see the following resources: 90º rule: 30º rule: 3-times-the-angle (trisect) system: CB tweener shots: throw tutorial: 45º rule: rail cut shot CB control: drag shot with spin intensification: double hit detection and avoidance: online glossary of pool and billiards terms and phrases: All of Dr. Dave's full-length instructional videos are available to stream or download here: and in physical DVD format here: Detailed product information and purchasing advice can be found here: Good Luck With Your Game!!!

Corey DEUEL vs Karl BOYES ᴴᴰ Match 6 | 2014 Mosconi Cup 9-ball

Support Bilijar9 Channel: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE FULL HD MATCH - BEST SHOTS EDITED Corey Deuel vs Karl Boyes | Mosconi Cup 2014 - Day 2 Match 2 - 1080p FULL HD USA Shane Van Boening Corey Deuel John Schmidt Justin Bergman Justin Hall EUROPE Darren Appleton Niels Feijen Nick Ekonomopoulos Mark Gray Karl Boyes The Mosconi Cup is an annual nine-ball pool tournament contested between teams representing Europe and the USA since 1994. The trophy is named after American player Willie Mosconi, and has been compared to the Ryder Cup in golf. As of 2013, USA has won the tournament 11 times against 8 victories for Europe and one tie. The reigning champion is Team Europe. In its earliest days, the Mosconi Cup was created by Sky Sports and Matchroom Sport as an exhibition event to increase public awareness of pool in the United Kingdom. In the first year of competition some of the WPBA's top players played alongside the men in their respective teams. These included Franziska Stark from Germany, Allison Fisher from England, Jeanette Lee and Vivian Villarreal from the United States. As time progressed, the event evolved from its exhibition nature into a much more serious and professional tournament, and earning a place in the event has acquired a great deal of prestige. Early on many snooker players participated, but of these only Steve Davis remained into the event's more serious era, bowing out when the event began to clash with snooker's UK Championship (for which he appeared as both a player and a BBC commentator). After Davis' withdrawal, all players had to earn an invitation through their performances at other events, meaning that no more snooker players appeared until 2007, when Tony Drago earned a place by virtue of his performance on the European Pool Tour, and won the tournament's Most Valuable Player award for his unbeaten run in the singles matches.

World Champion Poolplayer Corey Deuel teaches a chalk on the head drill in this pool lesson. This pool drill is great for players of all levels.

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