Efren Reyes, the world's greatest pool player ever dazzles with his skill and humility

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Greatest Matches - Efren 'Bata' Reyes VS Top 5 Famous Pool Players

Top 5 Best matches of Efren Reyes vs Top 5 Famous Pool Players Mike Sigel, Francisco Bustamante, Johnny Archer, Earl Strickland, Steve Davis... Compilation: Billiard Chanel Amazing Like & Subscribe Thanks and best reagard

Billiards US Open 9-Ball Championship: Souquet v Strickland

5-time U. S. Open 9-Ball Champion Earl Strickland is without a doubt the most controversial personality in the sport of pool. However, like other professional sports jackasses like John McEnroe and Terrell Owens, he makes for good TV. Earl just can't help himself. Even when he tries to hide from the limelight, he seems to draw more attention to his moronic behavior. Whether you love him or hate him, one thing is for sure, he'll always give you something to talk about and this match is no exception. On the other hand, Ralf Souquet is the complete opposite to the antics of Strickland. Souquet is a consummate professional, playing focused and methodical. What was the turning point of the match? Post your comments... Buy Cues @ http://www.billiardclub.net/shop/pool-cues-c-3.html Accessories: http://www.billiardclub.net/shop/pool-table-accessories-c-9.html Balls: http://www.billiardclub.net/shop/billiard-pool-balls-c-15.html Cue cases: http://www.billiardclub.net/shop/pool-cases-c-24.html Table Cleaner: http://www.billiardclub.net/shop/pool-table-cleaner-c-79.html


At rack # 8 the Magician did some magic tricks again. EFREN REYES vs DENNIS GRABE 2014 World 9-ball Championship

Mark Selby v Ronnie O'Sullivan final frame of 2016 Dafabet Masters quarter final

2/4 - Efren Reyes vs James Baraks - FINAL Derby City Classic 9-ball 2005

Reyes had locked up the 'Master of the Table' bonus prize of $20,000 early in the 9-ball event based on his win in the one pocket division and high finish in the bank division.

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Billiard Club Network, in association with Accu-Stats Video Productions http://www.accu-stats.com is proud to present Efren Reyes, the world's greatest pool player ever, as he plays virtually flowless 9-Ball. His oppenent, Mika Immonen, sits defenseless and watches along side the standing-room-only crowd at the 7th Annual Derby City Classic.