Defining a Double Hit in APA Leagues

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Corey Deuel - Ep 8 - Breaking - Pool Tips - Billiard Training

Listen to Corey Deuel as he talks about the different kinds of breaks in pool and when to use them! Visit to join the APA! Not a member yet?

Top 10 Pool Shots Amateurs Play Wrong … and How to Play Them Right

Dr. Dave demonstrates shots amateurs play wrong along with how to play them right. If you want to improve your game, it is important to understand and master the following principles and shots included in this video: 1.) Don’t Scratch 2.) Make Pockets Play Bigger 3.) Use the Rails as Brakes 4.) Master the Table Center 5.) Control Rail Cut Shots 6.) Avoid Banks Unless Very Easy 7.) Elevate Smartly 8.) Break Out Smartly 9.) Don’t Dribble the Rail 10.) Detect and Avoid Double Hits This video is part of the following Top 10 Series: Top 10 Pool Shots Every Player Must Know!!! Top 10 Things Pool Players Do Wrong Top 10 Pool Shots Amateurs Play Wrong Top 10 Pool Strategy Errors Amateurs Make For more information and demonstrations, see the following resources: 90º rule: 30º rule: 3-times-the-angle (trisect) system: CB tweener shots: throw tutorial: 45º rule: rail cut shot CB control: drag shot with spin intensification: double hit detection and avoidance: online glossary of pool and billiards terms and phrases: All of Dr. Dave's full-length instructional videos are available to stream or download here: and in physical DVD format here: Detailed product information and purchasing advice can be found here: Good Luck With Your Game!!!

Greatest Matches - Efren 'Bata' Reyes VS Top 5 Famous Pool Players

Top 5 Best matches of Efren Reyes vs Top 5 Famous Pool Players Mike Sigel, Francisco Bustamante, Johnny Archer, Earl Strickland, Steve Davis... Compilation: Billiard Chanel Amazing Like & Subscribe Thanks and best reagard

Snooker Training - The Walk In - Snooker Coaching Lesson

In this snooker coaching lesson we look at how to walk into the shot and where to place the feet. A lot of people think a little bit too much about exactly where the feet need to be placed, so hopefully this video clears up a few concerns. If you have any questions about this video or any future videos, feel free to leave them in the comments below. Link to the Pre Shot Routine video: I am a qualified WPBSA Coach. I am available for one-to-one coaching lessons and do travel to see people. If you are interested please don't hesitate to contact me! Email: Website: Twitter: @BartonSnooker Facebook: If you have any questions about this video, or suggestions about future videos you would like to see, leave them in the comments below. I answer all questions! If you would like to see more instructional videos like this one, please like and subscribe to the channel! Like and subscribe!

APA Lee Brett Billiard Instruction - Pool Lesson 7 - The Grip

World class billiard instructor Lee Brett discusses gives us a great pool lesson about improving your Grip on the cue! Not already a member of the APA?

This video helps better explain and show examples of a double hit in APA Leagues. To join the APA, visit!

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