You Make The Call - Ep.3 - Pocketed the 8-Ball and Cue Ball on the Break - Billiard Instruction

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Corey Deuel - Ep 8 - Breaking - Pool Tips - Billiard Training

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Funny Snooker Mistakes :D

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Pool Lesson | You Are Playing This Shot Wrong

I'll show you a common mistake for balls that are hanging in the pocket and how to judge if you can pot it without hitting the point of the pocket. Join The Patron Club: Follow on Facebook: Visit my website: Support me via Paypal:

Steve Davis trickshot show, 2017. 10. 23. Budapest, Afternoon session

Steve Davis: world famous trickshot show at the II. Hungarian Snooker Gala. With Hungarian subtitle.

In this episode of You Make the Call, we discuss pocketing the 8-ball and cue ball on the break.

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