30 Stunning Bathrooms Designs

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Best Modern Kitchen Design Ideas 2018 Part 2

Kitchen is one of the most using room in any house after bedroom. Here are 100 best modern kitchen design ideas which you may like. Thanks for watching! Born for Entrepreneurs https://businessdaily24.com

10-Foot Wide Tiny Home with an Amazing Bathroom | Lovely Tiny House

10-FOOT WIDE TINY HOME WITH AN AMAZING BATHROOM This is a 10-foot wide by 26-foot long California Tiny House with an amazing bathroom. It’s the first time I remember seeing a bathtub and a shower in a tiny house bathroom. Not a necessary feature, but it is really nice! This tiny house also features a staircase to the main sleeping loft, a dedicated living area with another loft overhead, a full kitchen, and of course the wonderful bathroom. Please enjoy the tour below and leave us with your thoughts about it in the comments. Our 10×26’ custom features our signature staircase and loft. The landing provides standing next to the bed which is a great addition. Railing to be added. There is also an added wall for a tv. Has the bathroom suite been done in a tiny before? We aren’t sure, but if not, it has now! This modern farmhouse is really stating to come together. With a 5 foot soaking tub next to a 4.5×4.5 tile shower with rainfall head, this tiny bathroom is going to be a real jaw dropper. ============================================= #LovelyTinyHouse#TinyHouseLovely#TinyLovelyHouse ============================================= More Videos: https://goo.gl/kpivNL ======================== THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! 👍 If you like our video don't forget to press the button "Subscribe ❤️" and "Like 👍" !! 👍 Subscribe and View more here: https://goo.gl/6RbeLH

Start to finish Time lapse Schluter bathroom Kerdi-line linear drain Ditra heat large format tile.

Get a 5% discount for T-Lock with Promo Code SALDIBS at https://dibsmart.com/ This is a time lapse video of a Schluter systems shower being prepped after the Kerdi-Board has been installed. In the video is the installation of the bench seat built with two inch Kerdi-board, Kerdi-Line drain, the shower floor tray and curb. Also shown is the installation of some of the Kerdi-band and membrane to make the whole shower waterproof, a flood test and the installation of the Kerdi-line drain grate and shower floor. Next is the installation of the large format tile over the shower walls and the rest of the bathroom walls using the T-Lock Master leveling system. Schluter Ditra Heat, an electric floor heating system, was installed on the floor the shower floor and the bathroom floor also received a large format tile. All tile installed by Sal DiBlasi, Elite-tile Company, in the Boston North Shore area. This video contains affiliate links, which means I will receive a small commission if you click on the product link. My Amazon Shop https://www.amazon.com/shop/saldiblasi 💲1 PDF Floor installation guidelines https://sowl.co/wWd2d 💲1 👍 Patreon https://www.patreon.com/saldiblasi 👍 🙂My online store https://dibsmart.com/ 🙂 YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/saldibs?feature=watch Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Elite-Tile-Company/56681633342 Website http://www.elitetileco.com/ Twitter https://twitter.com/saldiblasi1 Instagram https://www.instagram.com/saldiblasi1/ National Tile Contractors Association https://tile-assn.site-ym.com/

15 Space saving furniture ideas for your home Live Smart & Expand Your Space

15 Space saving furniture ideas for your home Live Smart & Expand Your Space Search product on GadgeTools before you decide. Furniture Links for More Detail: 15 Space saving furniture ideas for your home Live Smart & Expand Your Space # Transformer Sofa https://goo.gl/737Y6r # Disappearing Desk Bed https://goo.gl/rhGLxk # Clasic Expandable Collar Sofa https://goo.gl/aeheP3 # Bed with Desk https://goo.gl/N42yRq # Intelligent Furniture https://goo.gl/gYZzGw # Quality Murphy Beds https://goo.gl/3GQB2v # Folding Table https://goo.gl/CvH3tB # Master Bedroom - Space Saving Furniture https://goo.gl/5X7t1c # Sofa Bed - Smart Living https://goo.gl/f2yQYs # Extendable kitchen https://goo.gl/CNqnqV # Room Folding Furniture https://goo.gl/5X7t1c # Single Sleeper Sofa https://goo.gl/rcxT1A # Space saving Folding Bunk Beds https://goo.gl/jaCWeK # Space Saving 1 Bedroom Apartment https://goo.gl/TAwgEq # Extending Table https://goo.gl/WUQA5g DISCLAIMER: The above Description Products links contain as affiliate links, If you ll go through from that's links can helpful to us to earn some amount that's support us to create more videos for you. Thanks for Benefits! ============================================================= Welcome to our channel GadgeTools: Search product on GadgeTools before you decide. In this video we trying to introduce all world Products from different brand in one place for easy access. Kindly comment, like, subscribe & share with your friends also on social media for appreciation. Subscribe to keep with us for updates: Like us on Facebook:https://goo.gl/qAmEhp We fully committed that we can introduce the future technologies, innovations, new gadgets, new tech, new inventions, amazing products & many more. This GadgeTools Platform are Presenting the modern future living development! So don't forget to subscribe us:https://goo.gl/PDp8wM The footage in our videos just created here as educational material that makes our life Easier & better. ========================================================= Our channel other Videos: Space saving ideas for your home furniture 15 Space saving ideas for your home smart furniture for small spaces https://youtu.be/WAOH_WgXCMg 15 Space saving furniture ideas for your home Live Smart & Expand Your Space https://youtu.be/lixom5XWNf0

50 Landscape Design for Front Yards and Backyards 2019

50 Landscape Design for Front Yards and Backyards 2019. Beautiful landscaping designs and outdoor decorating ideas you may like. Creative garden landscape ideas, including front yard and backyards. Thanks for watching! Born For Entrepreneurs https://businessdaily24.com

30 of the best bathroom designs ideas. Beautiful bathroom ideas, designs and decoration you may like. Stunning bathroom remodel ideas for 2019.

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30 Stunning Bathrooms Designs