Corey Deuel - Ep 7 - Center Ball Reflection Drill

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Corey Deuel - Ep 8 - Breaking - Pool Tips - Billiard Training

Listen to Corey Deuel as he talks about the different kinds of breaks in pool and when to use them! Visit to join the APA! Not a member yet?

Control the Cue Ball! Full Table Runs Using Stun and Rolling Shots with Only Center Ball!

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Trying Corey Deuel's Famous Draw Shot | Your Average Pool Player

How many tries does it take an average player to do what professional pool players do on the first try? Your Average Pool Player attempts Corey Deuel's famous 2004 US Open draw shot. There were a couple of important things to learn to make this shot possible. First, it's critical to hit this shot with about as much draw as possible. The first attempts were mistakenly shot using power rather than draw. Also, some left side spin is needed to bring the cue ball back down the table. NOTE: When I keep saying, "Left Spin" I am referring to the spin of the counterclockwise spin of the ball. The proper term is "Right English," and vice versa. Thanks for the corrections, and sorry about that! If you're curious about why exactly this shot is so hard for average players, consider setting the shot up yourself and seeing how many tries it takes you.

2016 US Open 8-Ball: Skyler Woodward vs Corey Deuel

2016 US Open 8-Ball Championships July 20-25, 2016 Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, NV Sponsors/Contributors: Simonis Billiard Cloth,, Cyclop Pool Balls, Bad Boys Billiard Productions, Diamond Billiards, CueSports International (CSI)

Listen to Corey Deuel as he explains a very simple drill to do before a match to help you find and hit Center ball when you need to!

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