How To Paint Over Old Wallpaper

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How to paint over wallpaper

Paint over wallpaper the right way by following this video, painting over wallpaper has never been so easy- In this video I paint over some kitchen vinyl wallpaper using Zinsser 123 as a primer, followed by two coats of Zinsser Perma white, which is mould and mildew resistant. Blown vinyl on the landing is also painted over using Zinsser wallpaper cover up, as well as the vinyl wallpaper in two of the bedrooms. It is important to choose the correct primer when painting over wallpaper as it can create a lot of work if the incorrect or no primer is used.

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Buy the General Finishes products: Snow white paint, one gallon: High performance top coat: (see update below regarding the use of this product) *The above are Amazon affiliate links Read more on my site: -------------------- UPDATE REGARDING HIGH PERFORMANCE TOP COAT: Per recent guidance from General Finishes (the manufacturer of both products used in this video), the use of the snow white milk paint in conjunction with the high performance top coat can lead to unpredictable slight yellowing of cabinets over time. Per General Finishes' website: "All bright white paint will yellow slightly with time, with or without topcoat. Water-based topcoat is reactive and more likely to draw out substances in the wood such as tannins or unknown substances in existing finishes causing the topcoat to yellow. This is an industry-wide issue. "General Finishes background was originally on the professional side, and the incidences of yellowing topcoat over white paint were almost nil, and when our sprayable professional finish, Enduro White Poly, is used, there have been no incidences. But as the use of our paints has increased in the up-cycling and furniture refresh markets, we have heard more reports of our topcoat yellowing. Our original response was to teach about prepping, testing your finish schedule and finally creating Stain Blocker, our stain and tannin blocking primer, but this is not enough. Just as we advocate prepping all finishes, we are now advocating NOT using a clear water base topcoat over BRIGHT WHITE paint." "There is no way to reliably predict yellowing ahead of time. Sometimes yellowing occurs, sometimes it does not. Every existing finish is different and we rarely know the finishing provenance on an existing piece. Every tree is different and every piece of wood is unique. Wood can bleed tannins immediately after the topcoat dries or months later with a change in temperature that comes with a change in seasons. Oak, pine, mahogany, and Douglass Fir are particularly prone to bleed-through. "As is true of most "water-white" topcoats, our High Performance Water-Based topcoat is a clear drying finish over a non-reactive substrate such as plastic. When white paint sealed with a water-white topcoat is applied to something as unpredictable as wood, all bets are off and the reason is often unknown. Yellowing can be caused by the top coat activating the tannins in raw wood or aniline dyes, stains or contaminants in a pre-existing finish. This is most evident when using BRIGHT WHITE paint and most prevalent in the sculpted details of furniture, where the topcoat can collect, intensifying the color change to an unacceptable level. "To add to this issue, all bright white paint will yellow slightly with time, with or without topcoat. You have probably tried to touch up white woodwork in your home after several years and noticed that the new paint is brighter." See more here: -------------------- General Finishes provided this paint to me free of charge. No other compensation was received. SUBSCRIBE to General Finishes: Visit General Finishes' website:


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Remove Old Wallpaper from Drywall Super Easy With Steamer

Remove Old Wallpaper from Drywall Super Easy with steamer. In this video we used the Wagner Steamer to get all the wallpaper off the wall. I have to say it worked incredible. It's a little time consuming but it is super easy. Amazon Store AMAZON GEAR I USE canon 70d - canon lens - light kit - ISO Tunes - *****SUBSCRIBE HERE***** To send me anything for the Lawn Care Wall of Fame Top Notch 2300 N Nelson DR. #11 Derby, KS 67037 EMAIL INQUIRES - INSTAGRAM - FACEBOOK- MUSIC Top Notch Lawn Care is powered by Top Notch Lawn Care is Powered by

Paint a room under 9 minutes!! 😮🤩🤩

First coat done with sprayer, 411tip, 2nd coat was back rolled!!! Doors and trim are always painted after, Carpet was replaced for tile. "When I first started painting!!!" First year of painting. I start from top to bottom now, I keep mastering my craft. Practice makes perfect.

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Painting over old wallpaper is a great solution and is easier and quicker than other options like putting 1/4" sheet rock over old wallpaper or removing it. This video shows you the tips, tools and techniques to paint over wallpaper. It works really well and the painted wallpaper makes a great surface for fresh paint.