2018 US Amateur Championship - Table 6 - Bonus Coverage

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Billiards US Open 9-Ball Championship: Efren Reyes v Schmidt

Vote http://www.ronpaul2012.com/ Check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBV9c-PtaPA Audio note: There is background audio from the tournament director in the beginning, until the 6:30 mark. But don't let that turn you off this great match. Facing the world's greatest player in Efren Reyes, John Schmidt looked untouchable after ten racks and was shooting a .980 performance average and leading 6-4. Then, Efren tied it at 8-8, watch what happens next. What was the turning point of the match? Post your comments... Buy Cues @ http://www.billiardclub.net/shop/pool-cues-c-3.html Accessories: http://www.billiardclub.net/shop/pool-table-accessories-c-9.html Balls: http://www.billiardclub.net/shop/billiard-pool-balls-c-15.html Cue cases: http://www.billiardclub.net/shop/pool-cases-c-24.html Table Cleaner: http://www.billiardclub.net/shop/pool-table-cleaner-c-79.html

TOP 10 BEST SHOTS! Mosconi Cup 2017 (9-ball Pool)

http://www.matchroompool.com/ USA: Shane Van Boening Oscar Dominguez Skyler Woodward Billy Thorpe Dennis Hatch Johan Ruijsink Europe: Jayson Shaw David Alcaide Joshua Filler Ralf Souquet Nick Van Den Berg Marcus Chamat

2017 US Open 8-Ball: Van Boening vs Pagulayan

2017 US Open 8-Ball Championships July 29-31, 2017 Griff's Las Vegas, NV Sponsors: Predator Chalk, Cyclop Balls, Kamui Tips, Iwan Simonis Cloth, and Omega Billiards

Top 25 Shots World Cup of Pool 2015

genipool14 youtube channel

Efren Reyes, the world's greatest pool player ever dazzles with his skill and humility

Presented by: http://www.billiardclub.net/shop Please SUBSCRIBE, RATE and COMMENT Billiard Club Network, in association with Accu-Stats Video Productions http://www.accu-stats.com is proud to present Efren Reyes, the world's greatest pool player ever, as he plays virtually flowless 9-Ball. His oppenent, Mika Immonen, sits defenseless and watches along side the standing-room-only crowd at the 7th Annual Derby City Classic.

If you want to know more about how you can play in this event, check out - http://bit.ly/2qNqHeY