You Make The Call - Ep.1 - Stripe and Solid on the Break - Billiard Instruction

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Top 10 Things Pool Players Do Wrong … and How to Fix Them

Dr. Dave identifies and offers advice for how to correct the following top 10 things many pool players do wrong: 1.) Cue Elevation 2.) Sloppy Bridge 3.) High Stance 4.) Poor Alignment and Aim 5.) Cue and Eye Motion 6.) No Pre-Shot Routine 7.) Sidespin 8.) Tight Grip 9.) Bad Stroke 10.) Head and Body Motion This video is part of the following Top 10 Series: Top 10 Pool Shots Every Player Must Know!!! Top 10 Things Pool Players Do Wrong Top 10 Pool Shots Amateurs Play Wrong Top 10 Pool Strategy Errors Amateurs Make For more information and demonstrations, see the following resources: fundamentals "best practices" check-list document: grip: bridge: stance: vision center: pre-shot routine: stroke: sidespin: online glossary of pool and billiards terms and phrases: All of Dr. Dave's full-length instructional videos are available to stream or download here: and in physical DVD format here: Detailed product information and purchasing advice can be found here: Good Luck With Your Game!!! NOTE CONCERNING STANCE: An alternative to bending at the waist or knees to get the head lower in the stance is to widen the feet. For tall people like me, bending at the waist can cause a lot of hamstring, neck and back strain. Widening the feet is a good alternative since it might allow you to keep one or both of your knees locked, which can help stabilize the stance. I have personally experimented a lot with different combinations of widening the feet and bending at the knees, and my best solution was to widen the feet just a little and mostly bend at the knees. My stance is stable, and I have no discomfort whatsoever. When I widen the feet more, to reduce the knee bend, I feel strain and discomfort in my right hamstring and/or ankle. The large knee bend might not be the best approach for all tall people since it does require quadriceps strength and endurance. Also, bent knees are not as stable as a locked knee. Each individual needs to experiment with the stance to determine the most effective and most comfortable way to create proper "vision center" alignment with the head as low as possible. The solution will be different for everybody, especially with tall people.

Training in Session 1

Back to the basics. In this session, I'm learning the "Split the Difference" aiming system that LIttle Mike created. I have to completely disregard my aiming technique that I've grown very fond of over the past 30 years. The reason I'm doing so is with my technique, I'm very inconsistent. I've hit many balls with his system and once I master it, it will be very simple and accurate. Mike also teaches me the approach, the setup, the stroke and some basic english with his system. Everything I've learned in my life has been self taught. Having a pro personally teaching you is a completely different thing. I've vowed to Little Mike that I will start from scratch, forget everything I know, and learn his ways. He's vowed to make me a real player and get me from my APA 6 skill level to as high as possible. Check back and see my progress. If you like our videos, please hit the LIKE & SUBSCRIBE button. Check out Las Vegas APA: A big thanks to Henry from LAS VEGAS CUE CLUB for his support in my training. Please check out his establishment at: Instagram: fada_vlogs Email:

The Call 매일 들어도 좋은 목소리! 황치열 ′매일 듣는 노래′ 180511 EP.2

드디어 아시아 프린스 정체 공개! 황.치.열! ′매일 듣는 노래(황치열)′ 러브콜라보 반전뮤직쇼 ‘더 콜(The Call)’ 매주 금요일 저녁 8시 10분 Mnet / tvN 더 콜(The Call) 최신 클립 다시보기 :

How to Clean a Pool Cue Shaft with the Shaft Maintenance Kit

Step-by-step instructions on how to clean and condition your pool cue's shaft using McDermott's Shaft Maintenance Kit. What's in the Shaft Maintenance Kit? 1. Renew Shaft Cleaner 2. McMagic Burnishing Papers 3. Ultra-Glide Conditioner 4. Leather Conditioning Pad

In this episode of You Make the Call, we discuss what happens when you make a solid and a stripe on the break. Click here to learn more about the APA and how to join!