Paint a room under 9 minutes!! 😮🤩🤩

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How to Paint a Room with Wickes

In this tutorial, our Wickes experts show you the best techniques to use when painting a room. Subscribe to the Wickes YouTube channel here: For more Wickes videos click here:  These are the steps for painting a room: Prepare Surfaces To get the best finish it’s crucial that you have properly prepared the surfaces that you plan to paint before you start painting. For more information on this watch our video ‘How to prepare walls and ceilings for painting’ here Measure Area to Paint Before buying your paint make sure you measure your walls and ceiling, don’t worry about subtracting doors and windows as it’s always good to have a bit more than you think you need. Paint Ceiling Undercoat Always make sure to start with the ceiling. This is so that if any paint drips, it’s only dripping on to surfaces that are yet to be painted. Paint Wall Undercoat Begin by protecting fittings such as light switches, sockets and any woodwork that you’re not planning to paint with masking tape, leaving an overhang to protect it from drips as much as possible. Paint Woodwork Undercoat It’s worth doing the under coat on any wood work before you do the top coat on your walls. This is so you don’t need to be too precious about a perfectly neat edge where any wood work meets the wall. Paint Wall Topcoat Whilst you're waiting for your woodwork undercoat to dry you can paint the walls with their top coat. Paint entire walls in one go to avoid marks where the paint has dried at different times. For an even and professional finish give each wall two coats; making sure that the first coat is completely dry before moving on to the second. Paint Woodwork Topcoat It’s best to put two coats on woodwork for a longer lasting and more protective finish. We would recommend using a water based product as they are quick drying, don’t smell like solvent based paint and the white options don’t yellow. Shop Wickes paint range here: Shop Wickes paintbrushes, rollers and pads here: Shop Wickes step ladders here: For more information and advice on painting and decorating visit the Wickes website here: Wickes Website: Wickes Facebook: Wickes Twitter: Wickes YouTube channel: If you'd like to find out more from Wickes, the order line number is 0330 123 4123

Brick wall painting cool and easy method

Asian Paints wall texture brick wall easy and simply method Facebook page Instagram

How to paint straight lines perfectly

Even on uneven surfaced walls, you can get perfectly straight lines while painting. Chris from The Idaho Painter shows you how to paint lines with laser precision using only caulking and tape. SUBSCRIBE TO HGMM ►► SUBSCRIBE TO THE IDAHO PAINTER ►► ***** Home & Garden for Mere Mortals web site: ***** For Mere Mortals is a trademark of © ZRAM Media, LLC

5 Amazing PAINTING gadgets 2018 ( Amazon ) #03

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Craig Phillips- How to Spray Paint Interiors with the Wagner WallPerfect HVLP paint sprayer

In this video Craig Phillips will show you the best way to spray paint your interior rooms with a complete makeover of a living room. Using A Wagner Paint Sprayer Really Is The Smart Way Of Decorating. Assembling A Wagner Paint Sprayer Is Simple And Easy. You Attach The Perfect Spray Attachment To The Gun Handle Using The Lock And Unlock Markings Given. Wagner Sprayers Have Many Different Accessories For Specific Applications. Thanks To The Click And Spray System You Can Easily Use Various Attachments, These Are Properly Modular Power Tools! Fill Up Your Container With Your Paint Or Varnish. If The Paint Is Too Thick Then Dilute It With Water Or White Spirit If Necessary To Get The Correct Consistency For Spraying. Don'T Forget To Wear Your Safety Equipment And You Are Ready To Go. Anyone Can Get A Professional Finis With A Wagner Paint Sprayer! Practice Makes Perfect And Testing On A Piece Of Cardboard Will Allow You To Achieve The Best Spray Pattern Hold The Nozzle About 6 To 8 Inches Away From The Surface You Require To Paint And Start To Spray You Can Spray Horizontally, Vertically Or To A Spot. Simply Adjust Your Nozzle To Suit. Once You Know These Couple Of Facts, You Are Ready For The Job At Hand. It Is Quick And Easy The Click N Paint System By Wagner Is Designed So You Can Swap Accessories Easily Allowing You To Switch Between Colours Or Even Different Types Of Materials That You May Want To Spray In Seconds You Can Be Using A Different Colour With No Mess And No Fuss You Will Never Want To Use Rollers And Paint Brushes Ever Again A Wagner Paint Sprayers Can Do It All Using The Perfect Spray Attachment For Thinner Materials And The Wallperfect Attachment For Interior And Exterior Emulsion Paints Will Ensure The Best Results Time And Again. There Is An Easy To Set Paint Flow Control At The Trigger While The Powerful Turbine Ensure That The Correct Amount Of Air Is Delivered Through The Hose To Bring The Paint To The Nozzle Where It Is Atomised, Delivering Just The Right Amount Of Paint You Can Now Do Difficult Precise Jobs In No Time And With No Mess You Can Achieve A Great Finish , With Very Little Overspray, Meaning Less Waste, Saving You Money And Time. Using The Wagner Paint Sprayers Really Is The Smarter And Better Way ✔ For more information please see ✔ Subscribe to our channel for the latest videos:

First coat done with sprayer, 411tip, 2nd coat was back rolled!!! Doors and trim are always painted after, Carpet was replaced for tile.

"When I first started painting!!!"
First year of painting.
I start from top to bottom now,
I keep mastering my craft.
Practice makes perfect.