Paint a room under 9 minutes!! 😮🤩🤩

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14. Remix Deco Metal dekor vakolat szakszerű felhordása

How To Paint Baseboards or Skirting Boards On Carpet (The Trick to doing it) This video will show you how to paint baseboards or skirting boards on carpet, there is a little trick to doing it.

How Sticky Candy Are Made

Checking out how handmade candies are made in Sticky Singapore! Sticky is the first and only candy shop in Singapore that makes handmade rock candy and the best thing is that they display their candy making for the public to see. In this video we see the making process of grape rock candy getting made Special thanks to Sticky Candy for giving us permission to film this at their upcoming candy lab! Check out Sticky Singapore @ The Central 6 Eu Tong Sen Street B1-54/55, Singapore 059817 Opening Hours 10:30am - 10pm Everyday Contact Sticky Rest Of The World

How To Paint A Room • Nifty 101

00:54 - Picking a color 02:33 - Picking a sheen 04:51 - Materials & supplies 06:42 - Prepping your space 08:16 - Painting your walls 12:42 - Cleanup & care Check us out on Facebook! - Credits: MUSIC SFX Provided By AudioBlocks ( STILLS Blank dark black grainy wall background arsenisspyros/Getty Images Silver foil texture background RDC_design/Getty Images VIDEO Luxury golden sofa on a loft background NewAgeCinema_ru/Getty Images The roller is painted yellow on the floor. sirichai_asawalapsakul/Getty Images White color clock time lapse loopable sihuo0860371/Getty Images Exhausted woman. FilmColoratStudio/Getty Images Modern interior living room tulcarion/Getty Images Creative business people choosing the colors for the new advertising design xavierarnau/Getty Images Pouring paint MSPhotographic/Getty Images Shopping wall color in the hardware store Matthias Tunger/Getty Images Dark home theater Caiafilm/Getty Images Colorful paint roller svengine/Getty Images Can of paint falling onto the floor (slow motion) Blend Motion/Getty Images Beach cottage interior, dolly movement viafilms/Getty Images MS POV Shopping cart moving through aisles of retail store / Atlanta, Georgia, USA Stephen Marks Inc./Getty Images MS PAN Water pouring into bathtub in bathroom, Scarborough, New York, USA Helicopter Pictures/Getty Images MS TS Through modern loft decorated in white/ Berlin, Germany Sorafilm/Getty Images

First coat done with sprayer, 411tip, 2nd coat was back rolled!!! Doors and trim are always painted after, Carpet was replaced for tile. When I first started painting! Made a couple mistakes back than, but I keep mastering my craft. Thanks