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5 DIY Christmas Recycled Decoration! Amazing DIY crafts for Christmas!

5 DIY Christmas Recycled Decoration! Amazing DIY crafts for Christmas! In today's video I show you 5 recycled DIY for this Christmas! I hope you like it! Don’t forget to subscribe and activate notifications!


MAGIC OF CHRISTMAS Today you will find New Year’s Eve party ideas to make your party absolutely incredible! You will find a lot of fabulous decorating ideas that will amaze your guests! Our craft projects won’t take a lot of time and require a minimum amount of supplies. You will find such homemade Christmas decorations as paper crafts, how to wrap gifts, simple Christmas ornaments. Check out colorful idea how to make crayon drip ornaments! You will need clear glass ornament, crayons, and a hairdryer. Break off small pieces and put in the ornament. Use your hair dryer set on high, blast the heat on the ornament. Melt crayons and shake until you like the look of ornament. Hosting guests is something that we all do from time to time. Though it may be challenging, we always try to make a perfect dinner. The napkin-folding techniques are something fun and useful for special events Christmas dinner. Check out an idea of how to make your Christmas table special! Did you know that you can make really cheap snowflakes using a hot glue gun? Print or draw by hand your snowflakes template and lay the sandpaper over the template. Trace the snowflakes with a hot glue gun. Let dry and now you can decorate Christmas tree or windows. Create Christmas tree decorations made from empty toilet rolls and macrame, crayons, polymer clay and even from pasta! Our craft projects won’t take a lot of time and require a minimum amount of supplies. Let’s start from DIY wreaths that are a great addition to your home décor and gives a special holiday feel. You can make a huge and awesome Christmas wreath using with a wire hanger. Watch our video for the full tutorial! TIMESTAMPS: 00:06 Crayon drip ornaments 02:15 Holiday wreaths 03:37 Polymer clay Santa 04:13 Pasta Christmas garland 05:52 Christmas table decoration ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Subscribe to 5-Minute MAGIC: Subscribe to 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY: Subscribe 5-Minute Crafts KIDS: The Bright Side of Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: Music by Epidemic Sound:

23 Clever DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas By Crafty Panda

In this DIY tutorial, we will show you how to make Christmas decorations for your home. The video consists of 23 Christmas craft ideas. You will learn how to make a Christmas wreath, ornaments from pasta for your Christmas tree and other ideas to decorate your home for the Christmas season. 1. Giant Christmas ball made from exercise ball (painted with acrylic paint) and plastic flower pot (sprayed with golden metallic spray) glued together. 2. Giant Christmas candy decoration was made using a pool noodle folded and stuck together with double-sided tape, wrapped in plastic wrap, put on a wooden stick and red ribbon as a final touch. 3. Christmas ornament made from painted popsicle sticks glued together. 4. Little Christmas tree made from painted plastic spoons glued on paperboard, with some decorative pearls and snow spray. 5. Christmas twine ball made using a small exercise ball, twine and PVA glue mixed with water. 6. Simple Christmas ball decoration using a small ball, an old blanket, and a ribbon. 7. Flower Christmas decoration made by gluing conchiglie rigate pasta pieces together and covering everything with silver paint. 8. Christmas wreath made of farfalle pasta ribbons glued together on a cardboard and covered in green and red paint. 9. Snowflake ornament from penne rigate pasta stuck together with some glue and covered in silver paint and glitter sparkles. 10. Little racing car toys for your Christmas tree from penne rigate, fusilli, ruote, radiatori and ditali lisci kinds of pasta. 11. Miniature Christmas tree toy constructed by gluing ruote and ditali lisci pasta together. 12. Shining hollow Christmas ornament star made from gold colored ditali lisci pasta joined together with glue. 13. Bright red Christmas star decoration made from conchiglie rigate pasta glued on cardboard. 14. Simple Christmas wreath made using old broken hanger and some Christmas tree ornaments. 15. Christmas wreath made by wrapping garland and tinsel around hula hoop. 16. Christmas wreath from pool noodle glued with pine cones and little snow spray. 17. Christmas wreath made of straws glued around cardboard with some decorative pearls. 18. Colorful Christmas tree toy made using transparent ball filled with different color acrlyic paint and a little ribbon. 19. Christmas tree topper made from pack of spray painted straws tightened together with a zipper. Or make it a simple Christmas tree ornament by hanging it on a ribbon. 20. Christmas tree ornament from real candy melted in cookie cutters, use straws to make simple holes to hang them. 21. Ornaments made from spray painted paper rolls glued together for your Christmas tree. 22. Little Christmas tree shape ornament made from bottle caps, short thread, some glitter and small decorative pom poms. 23. Christmas tree ornaments from spray painted light bulbs with a little touch of fake snow and a ribbon for hanging. Subscribe to Crafty Panda channel: Like us on Facebook: Visit Bored Panda website: For sponsored content contact us at

How to Tie Towels to Impress Your Clients

As a surprise little 'extra' for clients, I will ask them to leave out two fresh sets of towels (bath towel, hand towel and washcloth) and then I will tie the towels in one of these three ways. I carry a box of small silk flowers, small wrapped bath soaps, colorful packets of bath salts and small (hotel size) bottles of shampoo or lotion to 'accessorize' the arrangement. The clients are always delighted!


CHRISTMAS DECOR IDEAS Christmas is coming! Do you have any ideas on decorating your home? Today, we are here to give you a couple of amazing ideas on decorating your home on a budget. We wish you the best Christmas ever! Don't forget to watch this video up to the end and see some ideas for your festive table. Paper is amazing material for decorating your space! For the first craft, you'll need just a sheet of paper (you can take white or colored paper), glue, and scissors. A cool 3D decoration is ready in 3 minutes! Another hack is a beautiful flower (or a snowflake) – for this craft you'll also need a stapler. You can use paper to make a cute 3D Christmas tree to decorate walls or make adorable postcards. Add some glitter and behold the magic of crafting! Another amazing idea is decorating your Christmas tree with beautiful puffy paper balls. He coolest thing is that you can choose any color you like! You can also make an entire Christmas tree of paper and plastic spoons or forks. Looks fantastic! You can also decorate it as you like. Check out how we decorated it with pearls and glass beads. Save up some green plastic bottles and see how to make a recycled Christmas tree from plastic bottles. These crafts save this world and living fir trees! Another cozy and amazing idea is making a Christmas fireplace from cardboard. This works perfectly if you don't have a real Christmas tree but you still want to hang stockings somewhere. Watch this video up to the end and see how to make yummy Christmas snacks to surprise all your friends. TIMESTAMPS: 01:58 – A cute ball 05:14 – DIY Christmas tree 10:08 – Yummy snowman 10:26 – Oreo cake pops ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe to 5-Minute MAGIC: 5-Minute Crafts: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Subscribe to 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY: Subscribe to 5-Minute Workouts: The Bright Side of Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: Music by Epidemic Sound:

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